Role-Playing Games


Role-playing Games


Fantasy, Science-fiction, Superhero, Western, or Cyberpunk—there is a flavor for you! There are a number of role-playing groups that play here at Gauntlet Games and we always have room for more. Come down and check out our in-store message board for groups looking for more. Of course, if you have a group and need a miniature to represent your character or enemies in the game, we have a huge collection of Dungeon and Dragons and Reaper miniatures to choose from.

We have more private gaming areas in the back of the store, perfect for a group to really get into their character.

Includes titles from:

  • Games Workshop

  • Fantasy Flight Games / Asmodee

  • Wyrd Miniatures

  • Warlord Games

  • Privateer Press

  • Steamforged Games

  • Mantic Games

  • Reaper Miniatures (Bones)



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For help on specific titles, please call or visit us during our regular business hours. If you don't see it on the shelf, let us know. If it's still in print, we'll special order it for you.